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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canon IXUS 75

One of my more recent tech purchases has been a digital camera.

I went for the Canon IXUS 75 as it seemed to have a good review to price ratio, it is small and it looks sexier than your standard all-silver digital camera.

I have had plenty of chance to test it out on my two recent holidays and so far I am impressed. It has lots of different settings to let you (try and) get the shot that you want but also seems to do a good job in automatic mode (although it is better at this in the daytime).

On the downside it does not have image stabilisation, so on slow exposure you have to try and improvise a tripod. Although, this is kind of a good thing as I have already dropped it once, it doesn't seem to mind a beating but I doubt this would be the case if it had a gyro.

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