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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A new interface for audio

I got an Ipod nano for my birthday. I had been debating getting one for a while because of the small size and slick user interface, I was just a little put off by the jump from Microsoft to Apple. As it happens, iTunes is only a bit worse than Media Player. Also, I don't intend to buy any DRM protected music so I should still be able to use Media Center to access my music collection elsewhere in the flat.

One really nifty thing Apple have done, that I didn't fully realise until I got my hands on an Ipod, is to provide an intelligent interface to the device. Portable audio devices have typically always had an analogue output for audio (the old 3.5mm jack). More modern players have come complete with some sort of digital input (usually no more functional than a USB mass storage device). Apple have created a new control interface, and opened it up to third party manufacturers so that you can get cool things like this low power FM transmitter.

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  • You have me to thank for introducing you to the wonder that is Apple!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:46 am  

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