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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have added Snap Preview Anywhere to my blog. What a great idea! Whenever you hover over a link you get a thumbnail of the URL it leads to.

Amazon must be upset too because these are thumbnails of the exact page, not just a domain home page and they are captured very soon after being queued -- much better than Alexa.

I have some quibbles from a business point of view though: They appear to be marketing themselves as a search engine; that isn't going too happen there is way too much competition and their results aren't even taken from one of the top three (Snap adds a great new level to this cryptic linking technique doesn't it?) The behaviour is added by webmasters themselves by adding a JavaScript to their page, I think the decision to see these previews should be a user decision and not a content provider decision; this means the realm of browser add-ons.

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