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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where will your data go today?

Google have recently integrated Writely and there web-based Spreadsheets service into "Google Docs and Spreadsheets".

What these two web-based applications miss in ease of productivity (which is a lot - there is only so much you can do inside the current web browser) they make up for in ease of collaboration. However, your data remains on Google servers, this is not good and should put most potential users off. Why-oh-why can't a software company send this modern web-based software vision in a slightly different direction and make the software to be sold to businesses as server software. Leave the businesses to scale their installations appropriately, organise backups, etc. Even if the software is designed so this can be done in an easy "click and build" kind of a way, the end user needs to be in control of their own data.



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