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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Very Easy Blogger Categories [Making a Backup]

Donny Bahama posted this comment about my Very Easy Blogger Categories:

This is the best looking categories solution I've seen. I haven't liked any of the blogger search or del.icio.us methods. Only one problem with it... If you ever stop hosting the database and php file (or even if your server goes down), everyone's blog categories will stop working! I'd be much more comfortable with this knowing that my categories will work as long as MY server is working. I don't suppose you could be persuaded to post your php code and database schema?

First off I should mention that I don't intend to stop hosting the service, note that it is running on the same server as another free service that I provide: QuizSender.com and this has been up and running since 2002. I should also mention that the same problem exists with del.icio.us or any other similar method.

Maybe this has not put you at ease though? Well I am afraid I don't want to publish the source code but how about a compromise?

I have modified the script so that you can easily backup your section of my categories database. If I ever do disappear of the face of the earth you will have your own copy of your categories database that you can import into any alternative categories system.

Just go to http://da.vidnicholson.com/blogtags.php?backup=yourdomain.com as often as you like and save the XML file that you are given. So, for example, to see my backup file go to http://da.vidnicholson.com/blogtags.php?backup=da.vidnicholson.com



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