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Friday, July 28, 2006

Programming C#

Programming C# was a reasonable introduction to the C# language.

At the beginning the book was very slow moving for someone coming from Java. Despite this the description of some important language features was very fluffy. For example in Chapter 4 the notion of properties were introduced; we are told that the set accessor is analogous to a void method but this contradicts the point made earlier in the book about the result of evaluating an assignment being the value that is assigned. I am assuming that this point still applies and the value as evaluated before executing the set accessor is used for the overall result (as in many cases it would be inefficient to call the get accessor directly afterwards to provide a value for the assignment expression). A another example from Chapter 4; readonly members are introduced but we are not given a clear description of the semantics. I suppose the containing class is the unit of protection here but we are not told.

The later chapters of the book whose content was more .NET specific were at a better pace. They allowed for a very easy going read to introduce yourself to the various features. Some of the code examples were unnecessary but these can be easily skipped over.

The coverage of ASP.NET was very brief and has left me intrigued enough to find a book that just covers that topic.



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