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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An easier exam

Today I passed my driving theory test. Over the past two weeks I have had six driving lessons with my instructor plus some additional practice with my dad in his Skoda. I am on course to take and pass a practical driving test before the end of September which will mean I can drive when I move to Washington.

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  • I am an idiot. I should read your blog before commenting on your pictures. Which I absolutely love, but can't do because I lack a) a cameraphone, b) a data plan, or c) a life interesting enough to photograph. Very clever! Had this been in place over the past year, many a night out could have been accurately and instantly catalogued (not sure that's good)

    Have you considered its anti-theft value? Say someone stole your new phone (what did u get in the end?) then decided to take pictures of them and their mates, unaware that it was sending these pictures back... all it needs now is a GPS built in so your phone's every movement can be tracked online!

    oh and I'm slightly scared by your photo on the sidebar. you look like you're going to kill someone. N

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:19 pm  

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